Traffic Safety Reminder

Dr. A.E. Perry School would like to remind all of our parents, caregivers and community members that the safe arrival and departure of our children is paramount on each and every day of the school year.

As our school population continues to grow, we have seen an increase in traffic in and around our school zone. This makes Lincoln Drive (the main street in front of our school) very congested and extra busy with parents/guardians dropping off and picking up their children. This congestion can blur sight lines in and around the crosswalks making things potentially unsafe for our students when crossing the street.

We would encourage all family members when dropping off or picking up their children to take the extra time to find a safe and appropriate place to park and then walk their child to the school grounds. In addition, we ask that all parents/guardians keep the following traffic safety items in mind as it specifically relates to Dr. A.E. Perry School:

  • Avoid stopping or parking on the corner of Lincoln Drive and McGill Place as this blocks a portion of the crosswalk
  • Avoid stopping in the middle of the street immediately in front of the school to drop-off and pick-up your as this promotes jaywalking
  • Avoid stopping in the designated bus zone as this is illegal
  • Be considerate of our immediate neighbours by not blocking their driveways

Please always remember that you must park legally when dropping off or picking up your child from school. It is also illegal to do a U-turn in a school zone.

The sections below can and will be enforced by your School Resource Officer.

  • Section 35(3) of the Traffic Safety Act: Parked where prohibited $70.00
  • Section 17(1) (a) bylaw 9900: Performing a U-turn in a school zone $230.00

It is everyone’s responsibility to ensure the safety of our children.